(Correspondence) Conscientious Objection to Abortion

Robert L Walley

British Medical Journal, BMJ
British Medical Journal

In the eight years since graduating from a London teaching hospital I have managed to do the “right jobs,” get the required fellowship and membership, and even obtained the B.T.A. (Been To America). However, I now discover that to have a conscientious objection to abortion on demand precludes one from continuing to practise in the specialty in this country. The head of department of a teaching hospital stated to me at a recent appointments board that there was now no place for a gynaecologist with a conscientious objection to abortion on demand to practise within the National Health Service and “you should cut your losses and emigrate.” . . . I have personal knowledge of six other doctors in a similar case who have either left the country or have been forced to enter general practice.

Walley RL. (Correspondence) Conscientious Objection to Abortion. Br Med J. 1972;4(5834):234.

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