Conscientious objection

Pedro F Silva-Ruiz

American Journal of Comparative Law
American Journal of Comparative Law

The main purpose of this paper is to summarize the legal status of conscientious objectors in the United States. To accomplish it we would briefly state a background of the law of conscientious objection in the United States and then analyze the current factual situation. . . . The registration has been reinstated by the President of the United States recently and, although no draft has been called, it remains a very real possibility, especially since the volunteer army has not proven satisfactory.51 Should Congress abolish the exemption to bear arms, the important question the Court’s would face is whether or not conscientious objection to war, to a particular conflict or to all, is a right recognized and protected by the Constitution of the United States.

Silva-Ruiz PF. Conscientious objection. Am J Comp Law. 1982 Dec 1;30 Supp 1982:427-437.

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