(Correspondence) Abortion Act in Practice

Richard De Soldenhoff

British Medical Journal, BMJ
British Medical Journal

I think we must all be a little tired of the diatribes from some members of the medical profession in the press and on television against the Abortion Act. There are quite a number who find it is satisfactory. . . We see these patients at clinics, and we take them into National Health Service hospitals, either maternity units or gynaecological units, and whenever possible do the operation personally… I am a little amazed at the howls of protest that it is interfering with the ordinary work of units and outpatient clinics. . . .I have not, as yet, found that it is making my waiting-list longer or interfering with the intake of patients into the maternity units.

Soldenhoff RD. (Correspondence) Abortion Act in Practice. Br Med J. 1969 Apr 05;51.

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