(Correspondence) Infertility Treatments for Gay Patients?

Anthony Charuvastra

The Hastings Center Report
The Hastings Center Report

We are entering an era where medicine is becoming more like engineering. The distinction between “treatment” and “enhancement” blurs as we are ever better at tinkering with the body. . .

Medical scientists will be able to modify and control an ever-expanding range of human bodily functions, from drugs that slow down aging to drugs that alter basic aspects of mood, anxiety, and cognition. Someday soon, the conflict between a physician’s idea of how people ought to live and how those people want to live will occur in fields far removed from reproductive technology. . .

Charuvastra A. (Correspondence) Infertility Treatments for Gay Patients?. Hastings Cent Rep. 2006 Sep;36(5):6-7.